Electric Wire Rope Fence for Horses

Also known as farming fence, electric wire cable fencing, or electrical wire horse fencing. We provide electric wire and the whole fencing system.

Electric Wire Horse Fencing System
With Multi Wire Treadin Posts of PP150, PP, UV stablized
Length 150cm, 130 cm above ground
Spike material: steel, galvanised
Spike size: Diameter 8 mm x 20 mm
Unit weight: 360 g
The multi wire treadin posts can hold 8 wires or tapes.

Galvanized Electric Fence
Hot Dipped Galvanized Electric Fence for Cattle Farms

Electric portable fence can be used with wood Stakes, timber and other posts. Made of high tensile steel wire, this kind of wire fence is strong for keeping and breeding animals. High tensile field fence is also known as deer fence, sheep fence, horse fence, cattle fence, etc.

Wire Material:
a) Electro galvanized iron wire
b) Hot dipped galvanized iron wire
c) High Tensile Steel Wire

Structure: Hinged joint knot.
Roll size: supplied in 50m and 100m length.

Wire Diameter: Gauge Top and Bottom 3.00mm, Intermediates 2.5mm.
  Wire dia: 2mm, BWG 14
   Selvage wire dia: 2.5mm
   Horizontal wire Dia: 2.0mm
   Vertical wire dia: 2.0mm
   Fence height: 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m;
   Length: 115 inch (50m) or 330 inch (100m);
   Distance: (vertical) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6cm/ (horizontal) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65c


We offer standard wire fence netting. Custom sizes and specifications are available upon request to meet your specific needs.

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