Galvanised Steel Field Fences / Cattle Fences: Woven wire in Ring-lock, hinge joint, fixed knots and square knots.

Field fence is also known as agricultural fence, cattle fence, horse fence, deer fence and sheep fence. The fence firmly affixes the fence wires together, ensures a solid construction over any terrain. Field fences with hot dipped galvanizing treatment provide superior resistance to movement from animal penetration or severe snowstorms. It is woven in four major styles: ring-lock, square knot, hinge joint or fixed knots. All these fences have graduate mesh openings with smaller spacing in the bottom. Suitable for ranch and grassland perimeter fencing of goats, sheep, horses, deer and other animals. The metal fence is simple in structure, easy for maintenance, it has short installation period and less weight, easy for transport.

Processed ith galvanized iron wire as materials, field fencing meshes are supplied in a wide range of sizes and mesh opening.


Agricultural fence of wire gauge 9 ga, pullout 12'', 47" roll height, 330' roll length, 298 Lbs roll weight, galvanization zinc coating of Class 1/Class 3.

Ranch and Grassland Farming Fence
High security galvanized hinge joint woven wire fencing for cattles and cows, lightweight, durable, weather- resistant, and economical.


High tensile Fixed Knot deer fence, of  12-1/2 gauge high tensile heavily Class 3 galvanized wire.

Why Field Fences for Horses and other Animals?

This wire netting for horses is an easily installed, permanent fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure horse fencing system. The fence system is designed to minimize injuries and secure animals safely. There are no sharp points or hard edges; no boards to break or splinter. The fence is designed using a variety of spacing configurations to accommodate horses, cattle, hogs and other large animals.

Good view of animals;
Resisting against rust, rot, UV, weathering, or breakage in normal use.

Field Fences absorb force and springs back. The standard spacing for fence posts is 50 feet. This means fewer posts, less work, less cost and less maintenance.

Square Deal Knot Field Fence has s-shaped knots to form a tough & sturdy structure that stands up to impact from large animals without buckling or sagging. It is a type of anti climbing fence, suitable for goat, sheep and cattle keeping. Commonly known as S knot fence, the S knot is made with a separate piece of wire to attach the line wire to the solid stay wire. The knot is very smooth when you touch and is strong enough to feeding animals.

Woven wire field fence with the Square Deal knot offers rigid performance which help keep its shape over hilly ground. Square Deal Field Fence comes in multiple heights, styles, and gauges. Each style is designed to meet your particular needs. In case you cannot find suitable sizes from specification table below, please contact us with specific requirements.

Hinge Joint Field Fence: Three Classes according to zinc coating

Class A: Hot dipped galvanized (zinc coated:220-260g/m2)
Class B:Hot dipped galvanized (zinc coated:60 - 70g/m2)
Class C: Electro galvanized  (zinc coated:15 - 20g/m2)

This type of fence has four wrap hinge joints, in which two vertical stay wires wrap together to form hinged joint. The knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure, then springs back into shape. This structure provides easy installation because the hinge "gives" while retaining full height for continuing protection and good looks. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility.

Hinge joint fencing is the best choice of ranchers for protecting the jumping animals like deers, horses and cows, sheep and goats. The hinge-knot system ensures proper stretching and allows for easier installation over hilly or rough terrain. Uses of our hinge-joint knots allow the fence to give under pressure and spring back into shape. The heavy zinc coating of the wire offers the finished fencing good rust resisting and corrosion.

Fence height is normally from 0.8m to 2m. A variety of heights, hole mesh, spacing and styles are offered for more choices.


Ring-lock Fencing is composed of rectangles, and where the horizontal wire meets the verticals a small 'ring' of wire is added to stabilize the weave. Under extreme pressure, these rings slide along, and can tighten.

Fixed Knot Fencing for sheep and goat has firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening, good flexibility and long service life. Vertical wires are severely fastened to horizontal wires by a third wire that wraps the joints. Tension curves in the horizontal wires assists in expanding and contracting.


Wire Mesh Horse Fencing
260 gram zinc coating heavy galvanized hinged joint field mesh for export, made from galvanized wire with a wire diameter of 2.5 mm and the top and bottom wire are made with wire diameter of 2.8 mm.


Specifications of Hinge Joint Fencing:

Wire Spacing Size

Wire Diameter

Fence Width 
& length


In Inch




1.0mm - 2.0mm

3Feet x 6Feet 
4Feet x 8Feet 
5Feet x 10Feet 
1M X 2M 1.5M X 3M 
2M X 4M 
Other panel sizes 
can also be 
made according
to request



1.5mm - 3.5mm


1 1/4Inch

2.0mm - 4.0mm


1 1/2Inch

2.0mm - 5.0mm



2.0mm - 6.0mm



3.0mm - 7.0mm



3.0mm - 8.0mm



4.0mm - 9.0mm



4.0mm - 10.0mm

Specification of Fixed Knot Fencing:

Number Number of 
line wires
Height of fence Space between 
vertical wires
Wire gauge 
(top and bottom wires)
Roll size
1 13 48 inch 3 inch 12-1/2 48 inch high×200 ft. long
2 13 48 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 48 inch high×300 ft. long
3 9 49 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 49 inchhigh×330 ft. long
4 9 49 inch 12 inch 12-1/2 49 inchhigh×330 ft. long
5 10 60 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 60 inch high×330 ft. long
6 15 61 inch 3 inch 12-1/2 61 inch high×200 ft. long
7 15 61 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 61 inchhigh×330 ft. long
8 17 75 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 75 inch high×330 ft.long
9 14 78 inch 6 inch 14 78 inch high×330 ft. long
10 16 90 inch 6 inch 14 90 inch high×330 ft. long
11 20 96 inch 3 inch 12-1/2 96 inch high×165 ft. long
12 20 96 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 96 inch high×330 ft. long
13 20 96 inch 12 inch 12-1/2 96 inch high×330 ft. long
14 23 120 inch 6 inch 12-1/2 120 inch high×330 ft. long


We offer standard field mesh fences while custom sizes and specifications are available upon request to meet your specific needs.

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